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These lovely little salt shakers are made just south of Mexico City and are perfect for your next Tequila. Or why not buy a pair for your dinner table? Each one is completely individual and will bring a little ray of Mexican sunshine to your kitchen.

Price is for one shaker.

PLEASE NOTE The stopper in the bottom can be difficult to remove the first time, it does come out with a bit of perserverance, please don't use sharp objects as they will damage the stopper and probably you, too! If you would like to use remove it for you and send it separately in your parcel, just let us know at checkout. Some shakers may have occlusions or sharpish additions to the varnish on the very bottoms of the shakers, this does not affect their use or overall look in any way.

We do have more colours than we can list here so if you are looking for any colour in particular, please contact us and we can let you know what we have in stock.

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